Minnetonka Tree Pruning Service

Tree Pruning is necessary for proper tree care. When done correctly, it will eliminate obvious weak and poorly attached branches and promote proper tree structure. Each year you can feel confident that your tree is healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. Also, it will lower the risk of accidents that may cause you thousands of dollars later down the road.

Prune to Promote Health

If our ISA Certified Arborists visit your site and assess the health needs of your trees, they can outline any pruning which may be required. The proper pruning or trimming results in a healthier tree by accomplishing the following:
  • Increasing sunlight within the canopy of the tree
  • Allowing wind to pass through the tree, instead of against it like a wall, thereby
  • Reducing wind damage during storms

Prune to Maintain and Improve a Tree’s Appearance and Intended Purpose

All trees have intended purpose, whether aesthetic or functional . In order for the tree to continue to meet those needs, regular pruning can remove dead and/or unwanted branches, sucker growth, thin out the tree's canopy and raise up the lower branches for safety. Sharing your objectives with the estimator will help ensure that the tree's intended purpose will continue to serve you well.

Prune to Promote Safety

Of all the reasons to prune trees, safety and health are our main priorities at Shadywood Tree Experts. By properly and regularly pruning your trees, the following benefits are achieved:
  • The risk of branches falling and causing damage to property and person is greatly reduced by pruning out dead, dying and weak branches.
  • Air will flow more freely through the tree canopy, reducing the risk of branches and/or trees falling during a storm.
  • Clearance from street and house lights, traffic intersections, and house wires will be improved by trimming away from these obstacles.
  • The security around windows and entrances is heightened when obstructing branches or overgrown bushes are trimmed to allow more visibility.
The process of tree pruning can be very dangerous. Our staff will always have the highest of safety standards in mind. We can offer the following to all local residents:
  • We are reputable and established.
  • We have ISA Certified Arborists.
  • We are locally based and family-owned/operated.
  • We can provide a Certificate of Insurance.
  • We can provide references from current customers.
If you are in need of tree pruning, then call today at 952-933-0614.