Minneapolis Stump Grinding Service

  When a tree is cut down, there is usually a stump remaining in the ground. Depending on the location, you may find it desirable to have the stump removed. If the stump is in a wooded area, a garden or rock bed, people tend to leave it alone. But, if is in an area of the yard that gets mowed, it can be a real tripping hazard, make it hard to mow around, etc. and generally, is considered “in the way”. Shadywood Tree Experts, Inc. provides stump grinding services, which include:
  • Notifying Gopher State One to identify and mark any underground utilities
  • Grinding the stump once the all-clear is received
  • Giving you the option of hauling the excess mulch away, or leaving it for you to spread around other trees and shrubs to help retain moisture, and
  • Filling the hole with black dirt and seed, if requested, for an additional fee.
The stump grinding machine, itself, is about the size of a self-propelled snow mobile, weighing about 3,000 pounds, but narrow enough to get through an opening 36” wide. It has a circular blade, which travels back and forth across the stump surface, aerating the mulched wood as it grinds deeper and deeper. Many people expect that the entire stump will be gone. This is not the case. We grind a hole about 8” below the surface of the ground. Beside the hole will be a mound of mulch, mixed with dirt from the grinding process. It is lightweight and easy to spread to other areas. Shadywood typically gives you two cost options. One is to have us grind the area and leave the mulch. This is the least expensive alternative. If you need us to haul the excess mulch away, we will fill the hole with some of the mulch to prevent a tripping hazard and take the rest away, for an extra cost. Additionally, some stumps have surface roots that are exposed and need to be ground down. Sometimes, the tree has a mound of roots that stick up above the ground surface, which needs to be leveled. Our estimator will come look at your specific situation and provide a written cost estimate for the various options. If there are any underground sprinklers in your yard, any gas lines that have been installed to a grill or outdoor lighting or any electrical lines that have not been installed by the utilities themselves, you must mark them for us before we begin the work. These are not marked by the utilities through Gopher State One, since the utility did not install them.