TWin Cities Tree Fertilization

treefertilization Life in the city is tough, especially for trees. The average life span of a tree planted in a suburban / urban landscape is 7-10 years. Poor soils, soil compaction, dry conditions, and limited growing spaces are a few of the issues causing the shorten life span. Providing adequate water and needed nutrients to offset poor soils can make a difference in tree vitality. Shadywood Tree Experts can add these needed nutrients by soil injection or injecting directly into the trunk allowing tree health to improve and vitality to increase. Unfortunately, fertilization is not the miracle cure that fixes all problems. The proper tree in the proper location is very important to ensure the healthiest tree possible. The old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” holds true for trees. A healthy, vigorously growing tree can ward off many more insect and disease pests than a weakened, poorly maintained tree. Shadywood recommends annual fertilization for landscaped trees. Contact us today for a free estimate