Minneapolis Tree Care - Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) FAQ

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) - FAQ

When should I start treating my ash tree?

According to The Cooperative Emerald Ash Borer Program, if you live within 10-15 miles of a known EAB infestation, treatment should be considered. Most treatment options are effective throughout the growing seasons. We, at Shadywood, recommend treatment as soon as possible to protect your tree(s).

How long (how many years) will I have to treat my ash trees?

It is virtually impossible to pinpoint how long ash need to be protected because EAB will be present in some number as long as ash trees are alive. Basically, as long as you want to keep your ash tree(s).

How long each treatment last?

Depends on the treatment method. Trunk injected treatments provide protection for two growing seasons. In other words, trees injected in 2015 would need reinjection in 2017. Soil injected treatments last only one growing season. Shadywood uses both methods and will recommend the one best for your tree based on several factors.

Can I, as a homeowner, treat my tree(s)?

There are products that can be purchased and used by homeowners effectively, although these products are only effective on smaller trees. Label rates prevent effective protection of medium and large trees. Remember, pesticide labels are legal documents and must be followed to the letter because of health and environmental safety concerns. This may sound complicated, but one of our I.S.A. Certified Arborists can help you choose the best treatment.

How can I tell if my tree has EAB?

Emerald ash borer symptoms begin 3-4 years after the first EAB enters the tree. Prior to that, your ash tree would likely be symptom free and look normal. First visual symptoms include general decline, branch dieback, excessive sprouts growing off of the trunk and later small "D" shaped adult EAB exit holes. If you suspect your tree might be infected, call Shadywood. We have arborists on the first responder team to make these identifications.

Should I have my ash trees treated?

All green, white, and black ash trees in Minnesota will die from Emerald ash borers eventually, if not treated. So, if you value your tree(s), the answer is YES. Can I wait until EAB is closer to my location before I start treating my ash tree? Your ash tree will be infested long before symptoms are visible or the insect is found in your neighborhood. That means the insect larvae has been damaging the tree for years and treatments may be too late to save the tree. Remember that Emerald ash borer symptoms are not visible for 3-4 years after the first EAB enters the tree. Treatment warranties are only effective if treatment is preventative. So, the short answer is NO, don't wait.

How effective are the treatments?

All information gathered in the last 12-15 years since EAB has been in the US, indicate that if preventative treatments start when the trees are healthy and not infested with EAB, they will not be killed by EAB. It is likely that some light branch dieback may occur because EAB has to feed on the tree for a treatment option to work. This should not significantly affect the health of the ash tree, however.This is very encouraging news. The treatment, if continued, is like an immunization and your tree is protected. If my neighbors don't treat their ash tree(s), will my treated ash be at higher risk? Preventative treatments are very effective regardless of EAB presence. The key is treating before EAB attacks your ash tree and continue the treatment regimen. If you have further questions, please call Shadywood at 952-933-0614 and ask to have one of our I.S.A. Certified Arborists come out and discuss your situation.