Western Suburbs Tree Care Blog

Protecting Young Trees from deer and Rabbit Damage

Often times during winter the bark on young trees can be damaged by deer rubbing their antlers on them, or by rabbits feeding on the bark tissue.  The injury to your trees could take years to heal or in cases […]

Is Tree Fertilization Right For My Trees

Is tree fertilization right for my trees?   Soon it will be spring and time to begin our spring fertilization program.  You may be wondering if tree fertilization is right for your trees.  The answer to that question can be […]

Leaf Chlorosis

Leaf chlorosis is a yellowing of leaves caused by a lack of chlorophyll.  When soil conditions are too alkaline, micronutrients like Iron solidify and become unavailable.  When trees become deficient in Iron they cannot make chlorophyll and develop leaf chlorosis.  […]

Snow and ice injury to trees and shrubs: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Occasionally, here in Minnesota “Old Man Winter” throws us a heavy snow or ice storm, which can cause damage to trees and shrubs. In some cases a large limb falls off, which could cause property damage or even prompt the […]

Benefits of tree fertilization

Trees are an important part of the urban landscape, adding value and beauty to our homes.  The addition of an annual tree fertilizing program is a great way to maintain the health and vigor of your trees.   Tree fertilizer provides […]

Tree watering guide

The impact of drought can have severe and long lasting effects on trees. This problem can lead to secondary disease and insect problems years after the initial drought, which can then lead to the decline or death of your trees. […]

What’s wrong with my pine tree?

This is a question we get asked from homeowners all the time. There are many factors which can affect the health of pine trees. These factors are environmental stresses, insects and diseases, age of the tree, herbicides and salt damage. […]

Why Hire An arborist?

Hiring a certified arborist to care for your trees will undoubtedly ensure receiving a higher quality, more professional service than hiring a non certified individual. Certified arborists are held to a higher standard based on professional ethics and personal integrity. […]

Pruning & The Art of the 3-Point Cut

The best method for pruning limbs is called the 3 Point Cut. Practicing this approach will keep you safe and your tree healthy. It will ensure wound compartmentalization and prevent the branch from peeling the bark away from the trunk […]

Pruning Trees: Do I need pruning sealer?

For decades it was a common belief that applying pruning sealer to tree wounds was the perfect remedy for preventing decay and insect infestation in trees. Although applying a wound dressing may be helpful in some situations, it’s important to […]